How Can I Help?

Just contact THE HOSPITAL ART FOUNDATION and say "I have a painting I would like to donate". Arrangements will be made to receive your donation.

Criteria For Donations

Experience since 1992 has made us aware that the population of our hospitals is a cross-section of a city or town. For many, pleasant pictures are what hang in their homes. It is our desire that all hospital patients and visitors be made comfortable in the hospital environment and so we accept a wide range of pictures including what are termed "works of art".

Tax Benefits for Donated Pictures

For most the benefit will be the pleasure of giving. For those who wish a tax receipt it will be their responsibility to present an appraisal as the Foundation does not have the resources to procure appraisals.

Tax Benefits for Cash Donations

You can claim a cash donation for tax purposes. These donations will be used to offset costs related to providing frames when required as well as hanging, cleaning materials and administrative costs. Cash donations may be specified for use only for the purchase of works of art. As of this date there have been no expenditures for salaries or honorariums.

The donated work becomes the property of the The Hospital Art Foundation. Some donors would like to specify what health facility and even what ward they would like their picture to be hung. We will always try to oblige but will not accept the obligation to do so.

Legal Status
THE HOSPITAL ART FOUNDATION is a federally incorporated non-profit organization designed to function throughout Canada. Our registration number is 0869 891-59


So far as possible all activities related to the Foundation will be done by volunteers.